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Alternative / Indie Rock / Dreamscape

A brazen world of isolated mystique and curiosity surrounds the artist known as AQUILA YOUNG. Her influence exudes a warmth and charisma that is both fearless and fearsome. An unwavering charm artfully provoking the senses: igniting the flame, playing with fire.

Over the past year Aquila Young established a local following captivating live audiences with an alluring presence and electric energy. She shared stages with the likes of MT Warning, TSUN and Airling alongside boutique festival appearances including Bleach*, GLOW and 2High Festival. Her debut EP Distance Echoes was released in 2015 garnering positive reviews and airplay across Triple J and US college radio.

With songs swept up in rolling drums; lush, swelling guitars and deeply resonant vocals, the sounds of the songstress emanate a brooding core of surreal and dreamlike capacity. An echo of time, from the past into the present, travelling deep into the unknown.




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