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Pop / Electronic

Brisbane based AVA (formally Avaberée) has an evolving, natural sound. Members Genevieve, Aimee and Irena’s personal growth has organically lead to musical development and experimentation - new instruments, new sounds and new styles. The core of the band remains firm with their harmony focused sound and heartfelt lyrics layered over a tapestry of beats, bass and electronic elements.

Bursting on the local and national independent music scene with their debut single ‘Lover of Mine’, the ladies captured the ears of Triple J, community radio and a horde of new fans. AVA have since toured the east coast of Australia multiple times and have supported many nationally and internationally recognised artists.

2015 saw them drop their debut EP going on to play BIGSOUND, Culture Collide (Los Angeles) and CMJ (New York). The past year has seen AVA venture with purpose to incorporate new musical influences.


Athena Joy


Keelan Mak