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Fox and Fiasco

Indie / Folk / Pop


Gold Coast indie band Fox and Fiasco burst onto the music scene last year, releasing three singles, a killer EP and playing a rack of shows, tour dates and festival slots. Emerging from humble beginnings as an acoustic brother-sister duo, Fox and Fiasco have since recruited a talented of bunch of motley musical friends to create the tight five-piece sound with vocalist Brendan Huxley also on guitar and mandolin and his singing sister Jess Huxley, joined by bassist Tim Newans, drummer Ben Radnidge and pianist Matt Liao.

In the past year the band has graced local festivals, parties and travelled the East Coast on an eight-date Secret Garden Tour, before knuckling down in the studio in early 2015 to pump out their debut EP Once Implored with five tracks of catchy indie-pop tunes that have listeners hooked. Their latest single Love Changes Everything, which features Canadian band Tasman Jude, was piped as the Easterfest 2015 theme song with punters packing out the band’s every set at the Toowoomba festival.

The young musicians describe their music as having a mix of alternative, pop and folk influences, with driving melodies and themes of change, joy, heartbreak and faith. Each band member channels influences from their favourite genres to create a cosmic explosion of sound that makes you want to vibe out, dance and hug people.


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