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If the Foo Fighters, Zac Brown, Dierks Bentley and Katy Perry had a love child, Jared Porter would be the rockin’ hillbilly wunderkind.

Porter first played in punk and alternative rock bands until the honky-tonk, blues and Motown music his dad raised him on resurfaced and he realised that it was country that was in his soul. His ever-evolving rock stained country music boasts anthemic choruses with indelible riffs while packing an energetic, crowd engaging and raucous set that will bolster the ranks of his supporters.

From his first release, Under the Sun, 27-year-old Porter was announced the 35th Toyota Star Maker winner at the Toyota Tamworth Country Music Festival 2014. The competition has launched the careers of people such as Keith Urban and Lee Kernaghan.


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