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Opus of a Machine

Progressive / Alternative / Rock

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Drawing influence from experimental bands by the likes of Tool, Opeth, Radiohead and Devin Townsend with a pounding electro and pop edge, “Opus of a Machine” pushes the creative boundaries of alternative, progressive rock. With a large plethora of musical heroes, Opus of a Machine blends technical proficiency and raw emotion, bridging the gap between the two. The first single, Parallels displays the more pop-orientated, hard-hitting side of Opus of a Machine, melding mechanical and electronic aesthetics with dense and introspective hard-rock orchestration.

Their debut album "Simulacra" draws ever closer, mixing hard-hitting, anthemic metal with expressive electronic and progressive elements. Now, with a fully formed line-up, Opus of a Machine is making a significant impact on the live circuit in Brisbane and beyond. Their live show takes the intricacies of their studio performances and kicks them into overdrive. With pumping synths, brooding melodies and powerful song-craft, Opus of a Machine is a must see in the coming months.



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