Getting to Know: MØNIQUE


Daring. Honest. Compelling.

These are sure to be the words on your tongue when you witness the fire that is MØNIQUE. As a newcomer to the alternative-pop scene, her songs breathe genuine honesty into a world full of mass produced pop.

With her time recently being spent towards writing, recording and co-producing her debut EP, we thought it would be a sweet treat to get the inside word from the woman herself on a few questions we've been itching to ask...


What's your favourite song right now?

"Kiwi by Harry Styles. It's such a tune! The song itself has an edgier vibe and the lyrics just grab me. It really wasn't what I was expecting from his new album so I'm surprised in the best way possible. That whole album is great, actually."

What was the first concert you ever went to?

"I think it was a SummerBeatz festival? I was 13 and far too young to be there with friends but I was so focused on the live music I barely noticed. I knew nothing about live music apart from the fact that I wanted to do it, and watching those acts just inspired me more."

Which local bands before you have been an inspiration (musically or otherwise)?

"Twelve Past Midnight have had a massive impact on me and my career, as well as being a huge inspiration. Their songwriting abilities are seriously great, and watching them perform live is a really inspiring thing. They are just a bunch of really talented guys who love music, and that absolutely translates into their songs and live shows. It's why their fans keep coming back for more.  I'm lucky enough to know the lads and write with them, so it's super exciting and humbling seeing them go in the positive direction they are. Also, Salt Lines is a banger."

Twelve Past Midnight  are SEED alumni! You can find out more about their music    here   .

Twelve Past Midnight are SEED alumni! You can find out more about their music here.

At the moment I'm really diggin'...

"I'm really enjoying Envelope Poems, poetry by Emily Dickinson. I'm always looking for new inspiration to infuse into my songwriting, and this was recommended to me by Caleb James. It's honestly a humbling feeling to read words that evoke such intense emotion through the skill of writing. It's definitely something I strive for within my songs, so I think this was a special find."


If you want a taste of what this powerhouse has to offer, you can listen to her track 'Streetlight' on this year's SEED Volume 6 (can guarantee it's a certified banger!).