Sight and Sound: A Collaboration of Creative Minds

This past trimester a few of our artists teamed up with Photo Media students from the Queensland College of Art (QCA) on the Gold Coast, bringing together sight and sound in a collaboration of creative minds. The results were pretty spectacular, if we do say so ourselves.


Photographer: Melody Davis @kodocreative
Artist: Sarah Frank


Photographer: Adam Abela @adam_abela
Artist: Tesla Cøils


Photographer: Alesia Tabone
Artist: Sophia Koop


Photographer: Janelsa Ouma @janelsaoumaphotography
Artist: Tiahn Berg


Photographer: Leif Enrique Salinas
Artist: Phoebe Sinclair


Photographer: Jingzhe Hu
Artist: Benny D Williams


Photographer: Alexandra Gonzalez-Mendoza @a.mmedia
Artist: ROYES


Photographers: Beth Howells @bethjhowells


Photographer: Chanya Day
Artist: Josh King

Photographer: Caillin Palmero @caillin
Artist: SEYKA

Photographer: Jennifer Colverson
Artist: Hazel Mei

Photographer: Kerstin Milleder @xoxo_kerstin_xoxo
Artist: Kirsty Abrahams

Photographer: Wenmi Liu
Artist: Livvia