Getting to Know: Lucalion


Get ready for the magic show. With a knack for artistry from an early age, 18 year old Brisbane artist Lucalion is one young man that you'll want to keep an eye on. Often poking fun at himself for his early days starring on Junior MasterChef, the only thing he'll be cooking up for you this week is a selection of tasty bangers! Lucalion will be making his performance debut at NightQuarter this Friday, so we've prepared this little entrée to get your palette ready for the main course.


Who was your first musical inspiration?

"My first musical inspiration is a toss-up between Vance Joy and Zedd. I loved Vance Joy's album 'Dream Your Life Away', and the track 'Georgia' is what inspired me to pick up a guitar. I realised at this point I had a strong passion for music and wanted to pursue it as a career. I also admired Zedd at the time due to his incredible live shows - the way he was able to move and captivate his audiences was such an inspiration to me, and is part of the reason why I now create electronic music."



What's your favourite music video right now?

"I don't get into music videos that much, but every now and then I come across some that really strike a chord with me. I was already in love with 'Shelter' by Porter Robinson and Madeon, and their music video added to the song's appeal. So much effort went into the animated short film, and whilst the whole anime-type approach wasn't something I was particularly fond of before-hand, I found myself almost in tears watching the video - there's such a nice message behind it. This concept of animation was obviously something Porter Robinson was incredibly passionate about, and it paid off in this music video."



When I need inspiration for songwriting, I...

"I listen to my favourite artists. These are artists like Chet Porter, Porter Robinson & Chelsea Cutler - my music is basically a mash-up of all three of these artists' genres, so when I listen to their music, I find a piece of myself in their songs. It's generally easier to write once I've been inspired from their works."


At the moment I'm really diggin'...

"I'm really diggin' Magic by Lucalion - available June 16th!

For real though, I'll never get tired of Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders. That song was on the radio today and I forgot just how much of a timeless classic that was, no matter how many times it was meme'd on. I wish I could've given a non-music related answer but music's all my life is at the moment (and I wouldn't have it any other way)."


If you want to hear what Lucalion's all about, you can give his track 'Magic' a spin on triple j unearthed, or grab a copy of his track 'Lucid Angel' on this year's SEED Volume 6.

Will we see you at the magic show?