Getting to know: Sophia Koop


Brisbane babe Sophia Koop is an up and coming pop/electronic artist, weaving magical melodies and bringing joy with her ability to find beauty in all things. Compared to the likes of AdeleEmeli Sande and Beyonce, Sophia is becoming known for her stunning vocals and truly mesmerising performances. In the lead up to her performance at City Sounds on Friday, we hung out with Sophia to get to know a little more about what drives her to greatness...


What is your biggest Musical inspiration?

"I would honestly have to say Chance the Rapper. I've loved him for years and years and when he won the best new artist at the Grammy's and stood loud and proud for God I was like YAS ! He works so hard and stays so humble. He proves that hard work and having faith, results in blessings that really do fall into his lap."


What part do you think Brisbane/Gold Coast plays in your music?

"Well because I've grown up in Brisbane for most of my life, and now have relocated to the Gold Coast, it means that at this current moment, I feel like I've been able to get the best of both worlds (Hannah Montana reference thank you).  The talent and connections you can make here are amazing and with these areas growing more and more in supporting live and original music, the sky is the limit."

The best thing about the music industry at the moment is... 

"Glitter and Simon Cowell on X Factor"

At the moment I'm really diggin'...

"Chance the Rapper: "Blessings" (Reprise) from the Jimmy Fallon Show.  It was absolutely breath taking you have to watch it!  I got goosebumps! His music is poetic and unlike anything else."




Be sure not to miss Sophia's performance in Brisbane - Friday 14 July from 5.30pm on the Milanos Stage. If you want a taste of what this amazing performer has to offer, you can also check out her track 'Mona Lisa' on this year's SEED Volume 6.