Getting to Know: Hazel Mei


With silky vocals, jazz-inspired melodies and poetic lyrics, Hazel Mei is influenced by artists like Boy and Bear, Regina Spector and Norah Jones. Over the past few years she's been busy producing and performing in projects like Phoebe Sinclair and LIVVIA so we were so thrilled when she finally took centre stage and joined SEED on her own terms this year! 

Based in Brisbane, the young alternative artist is currently in the studio recording her next release. In the meantime, we thought we'd get to know Hazel Mei a little better by asking her a few quick questions... 

Describe your music in three words.

Intuitive, moody, unique. 

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? 

How do I pick just one? Everything I listen to inspires my own music in one way or another. 

In saying that, the one artist I can't get enough of is Regina Spektor. I initially heard her songs playing at my best friend's house - she has the best taste in music. My sound is without a doubt different to hers, but I definitely draw inspiration from her vocal technique and songwriting everyday. 

What part do you think Brisbane/Gold Coast plays in your music?

The Gold Coast music scene feels like a family, so I feel it gives me comfort and support in what I'm doing.  It's so inspiring to visit different venues and play different shows knowing you'll see a good friend there doing the same. Every show is a chance to catch up. 

The Brisbane scene holds a bit more mystery for me, which I love. It inspires me to keep growing myself as an artist. 

At the moment I'm really diggin'... 

I am forever loving any romantic comedy and sit-com. I am currently re-watching New Girl. It's such a fun, quirky and hilarious tv show, perfect for my downtime.


You can download Hazel Mei's latest single for free here. Make sure you catch her next gig - she'll be performing in Brisbane with The City Sounds on Saturday 19 August.