Getting to know: Amber Stone

Amber Stone

With a dreamy voice and a talent for penning vulnerable lyrics, Amber Stone is a 20 year old pop artist - and one of our new SEED acts for 2018!

To celebrate the launch of SEED Volume 7, we sat down to ask her seven questions. Here we go...


If you had to describe your music in seven words, what would you say?

Unapologetically honest, emotionally charged, dramatic, intimate, edgy.


Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Taylor Swift has always been my biggest inspiration, musical and otherwise. I have always admired her professionalism and her hands on approach to every aspect of her music. Of course, she is also a musical genius.

When I need inspiration for songwriting, I…

I only really write when I'm already feeling it, but when needed, I turn to my tumblr page.

What was the first album you ever bought?

Fearless by Taylor Swift


The best thing about the music industry at the moment is…

The spotlight on female artists and the acknowledgement that more needs to be done to support them, particularly in Australia. I'm also loving that people are starting to adopt a better attitude to supporting artists by buying their music - a lot goes into the making of even just one song.

What do you have coming up this year?

I have a series of live shows for SEED coming up [Editors note: dates below!], and I am currently recording my debut EP which will be released later this year. I'm very excited!

And finally, what are you diggin’ right now? Any recommendations?

Riverdale and 'Adopt, Don't Shop' :)


As an extra special treat, Amber has created a Spotify playlist called "Lush Life" featuring her favourite songs at the moment. If you're a fan of breezy pop and groovy electronic music, this is the mixtape for you.

You can listen below - and while you're at it, follow us on Spotify at @seedgriffith to hear to more good tunes!



You can catch Amber Stone performing at our upcoming SEED 2018 Concert Series events:

Friday 6 July - NightQuarter, Gold Coast
Friday 20 July - Queen Street Mall, City Sounds, Brisbane