Getting to know: Gabrielle Kerr


With a dark aesthetic, but blazingly bright future, Gabrielle Kerr served us up ‘Monsters’ here at SEED, and we have been screaming with joy ever since.

Gabrielle Kerr speaks truths; the young raconteur is an old soul watching this new world spin. Her introspective lyrics will draw you in as she sings songs laced with folk, rock and blues.

With a shroud of mystery around this young artist, we thought it absolutely necessary to find out more about Gabrielle, particularly with her EP launch show just around the corner! Keep reading to find out more.

Could you describe your music to us using a movie title?

‘What We Do in the Shadows’. Sounds and looks dark, but there's quite a twisted comedy to it.

Tell us about your track ‘Monsters’ and what inspired you in the songwriting process?

Monsters is about facing your inner demons, conquering your fear and making the choice to do these things. I wrote it at a time when I'd decided I no longer wanted to run from my fears, from myself. As for the songwriting process this was just one of those songs that came to life in fifteen minutes, I think it'd been waiting for me to sit down and pen it for a while. 


You’ve got a dark edge to a lot of your socials. Where does that creative energy come from?

All vampires, by law, are required to have a 'dark edge'.

In seriousness my creative energy has come from my experiences and interests, it's just another extension of myself. 

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

If you really want to, you will.

What is on this year for you and your music?

There is a multitude of things I'm very excited about and eager to share this year! The SEED album, and the shows of course are going to be a tremendous time. Though I'd advise to keep eyes open and ears listening about an EP on the horizon... but I can say no more. 

And finally, tell us about something you are obsessed with at the moment? What’s hot in your world right now?

I will always scream from the rooftops about how amazing the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas is, and I've been addicted to the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. 

Catch Gabrielle Kerr performing at the following events:

Friday 21 June - QPAC Green Jam Facebook event

Friday 12 July - City Sounds, Brisbane Facebook event