Getting to know: YONDER


Featuring silky smooth vocal harmonies and dynamic instrumentation that makes your heart soar, YONDER are a four piece indie rock band based on the Gold Coast.

With a highly anticipated performance coming up on Friday 16 August at QPAC Green Jam, we decided to check in with lead singer Jordan Huxley to find out a little more about the humans behind the music.

If your music was a movie, what kind of movie would it be?

It would be a mixture between a tame 90's action movie with intricate plot twists, combined with a light hearted old fashion British romantic comedy.


Your song “Fly Ahead” is the epic SEED Volume 8 closing number! Can you describe what the songwriting/recording process was like for that song?

YONDER wrote Fly Ahead around 18 months ago. A progression had come to mind that felt powerful and unresolved which I really liked. The band really took a real liking to it with the song being much rockier than a our material. Brendo our guitarist came up with a lead guitar line, which complemented the progression and overall feel excellently. We recorded Fly Ahead with Jared Adlam at the end of last year. Working with him is a real pleasure and we are constantly surprised by his wealth of ideas that help make our songs better. Keeping instrumentation similar to a live setup was crucial in creating a vibrant live characteristic. This was also one of the first songs where we emphasised harmonies. We always enjoy playing Fly Ahead live and it allows me to sing freely without the piano.

Who is your biggest musical influence? Why do you like them so much?
We all have different musical influences which have shaped our sound uniquely. YONDER have always loved British rock music, including Coldplay, Radiohead, U2, Queen etc. We love them because they have all had such a significant influence on music as we know it and all write such sincere pieces of work, primarily showcased in their multitude of iconic albums.

If you could give advice to yourself a year ago, what would you say?
Keep writing music and play as many shows as you can.

If you weren’t a musician, what do you think you would do instead?
I have always loved my sport. If I hadn't pursued music, playing football (soccer) or cricket would have been my dream.

What’s in the pipeline for YONDER over the next 12 months?
YONDER are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. Next month we are releasing our debut EP called Colours and Numbers. This will feature many of our favourite tracks with some fresh ones yet to be heard. Following on from this, YONDER will have an EP launch accompanied by a tour shortly after during October/ November. The EP and tour will be a platform for us to gain momentum going into next year where YONDER is seeking to play some local festivals and start recording more material for either a second EP or even an album moving towards the end of the year. More tours will be in the words and potentially an overseas tour to either the US or Japan.

And finally, what is something you're digging right now?
At the moment I'm really digging the Ashes test cricket series with Australia playing against England. Many late nights of hard fought cricket is one of my favourites. As a band we've been loving the tasty sounds of Vulfpeck. If there was ever a pocket to sit in, then they'd fit it!


YONDER are playing at QPAC' Green Jam, supported by Nightwoods on Friday 16 August 2019. Music from 5.30pm. Free entry. Find out more on our Facebook event.